Ford New Car Price List 2018

Ford 2016 Price List

Ford New Car Price List 2018

The following Ford New Car Price List as at Jan 2018 gives details of published retail prices for the Ford range of cars available from Cavanaghs of Charleville Ltd. The prices shown below include delivery and related charged but do not include the cost of metallic paint or any upgrade packs. The prices are correct as at post date but are subject to price increases or decreases during the year (depending on promotional offers) which may not all be published on the website. Please check with our Sales Department or via Online Chat for final confirmation of price or lo-call  us on 1800 500 300.

MODEL CO2 & Tax Band PRICE €
KA PLUSStudio114 (A3)1.2 (70ps)13,750
Zetec110 (A2)1.2 (85ps)15,350
NEW MODEL FIESTAZetec 3Dr101 (A3)1.1 (70ps)17,350
Zetec 3Dr101 (A3)1.1 (85ps)17,950
Zetec 3Dr Powershift118 (A4)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)20,300
Zetec 3Dr82 (A2)1.5 TDCi (85ps)19,735
Zetec 5Dr101 (A3)1.1 (70ps)17,950
Zetec 5Dr101 (A3)1.1 (85ps)18,550
Zetec 5Dr Powershift118 (A4)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)20,900
Zetec 5Dr82 (A2)1.5 TDCi (85ps)20,335
Titanium 5Dr101 (A3)1.1 (85ps)19,750
Titanium 5Dr97 (A2)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)20,850
Titanium 5Dr Powershift118 (A4)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)22,100
Titanium 5Dr82 (A2)1.5 TDCi (85ps)21,535
ST-Line 3Dr101 (A3)1.1 (85ps)20,550
ST-Line 3Dr97 (A2)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)21,650
ST-Line 5Dr101 (A3)1.1 (85ps)21,150
ST-Line 5Dr97 (A2)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)22,250
Vignale98 (A2)1.0T Ecoboost (125ps)27,230
NEW MODEL FOCUSStyle 4Dr Ecoboost109 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (100ps-5 Speed)24,045
Style 4Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)25,040
Style 4Dr Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)27,640
Style 4Dr Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)29,090
Style 5Dr Ecoboost105 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (100ps-5 Speed)23,645
Style 5Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)24,640
Style 5Dr Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)27,240
Style 5Dr Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)28,690
Style Estate Ecoboost109 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (100ps-5 Speed)24,745
Style Estate98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)25,740
Style Estate Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)28,340
Style Estate Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)29,790
Zetec 4Dr Ecoboost109 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6Speed)25,045
Zetec 4Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)26,040
Zetec 4Dr Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)28,640
Zetec 4Dr Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)30,090
Zetec 5Dr Ecoboost105 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (100ps-5 Speed)24,645
Zetec 5Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)25,640
Zetec 5Dr Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)28,240
Zetec 5Dr Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)29,690
Focus ST Line 5Dr108 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps)25,875
Focus ST Line 5Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)26,920
Focus ST Line 5Dr99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)28,520
Focus ST Line 5Dr105 (A3)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)28,370
Focus ST Line 5Dr115 (A3)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)29,970
Focus ST Line Estate110 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps)26,975
Focus ST Line Estate98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)28,020
Focus ST Line Estate99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)29,620
Focus ST Line Estate105 (A3)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)29,470
Focus ST Line Estate115 (A3)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)31,070
Focus Red/Black ST Line 5Dr108 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps)27,075
Focus Red/Black ST Line 5Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)28,120
Focus Red/Black ST Line 5Dr99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)29,720
Focus Red/Black ST Line 5Dr105 (A3)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)29,570
Focus Red/Black ST Line 5Dr115 (A3)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)31,170
Focus Red/Black ST Line Estate110 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps)28,175
Focus Red/Black ST Line Estate98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)29,220
Focus Red/Black ST Line Estate99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)30,820
Focus Red/Black ST Line Estate105 (A3)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)30,670
Focus Red/Black ST Line Estate115 (A3)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)32,270
Titanium 4Dr Ecoboost110 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)28,495
Titanium 4Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)28,540
Titanium 4Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)29,540
Titanium 4Dr Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)31,140
Titanium 4Dr Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)32,590
Titanium 5Dr Ecoboost108 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)28,095
Titanium 5Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)28,140
Titanium 5Dr98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)29,140
Titanium 5Dr Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)30,740
Titanium 5Dr Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)32,190
Titanium Estate Ecoboost110 (A3)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)29,195
Titanium Estate98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)29,240
Titanium Estate98 (A2)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)30,240
Titanium Estate Powershift99 (A2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)31,840
Titanium Estate Powershift115 (A4)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)33,290
Focus ST2 5Dr Ecoboost159 (D)2.0 Ecoboost (250ps-6 Speed)40,400
Focus ST2 5Dr110 (A3)2.0TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)41,100
Focus ST2 5Dr Powershift119 (A4)2.0TDCi (180ps) Powershift43,240
Focus ST2 Estate Ecoboost159 (D)2.0 Ecoboost (250ps-6 Speed)41,650
Focus ST2 Estate110 (A3)2.0TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)42,350
Focus ST2 Estate Powershift119 (A4)2.0TDCi (180ps) Powershift44,490
ECOSPORT NEW MODELTitanium119 (A4)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps-6 Speed)27,600
Titanium Powershift134 (B2)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps)30,600
Titanium107 (A3)1.5TDCi (100ps-6 Speed)28,500
ST-Line119 (A4)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps-6 Speed)28,880
ST-Line Powershift134 (B2)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps)31,880
ST-Line107 (A3)1.5TDCi (100ps-6 Speed)29,780
OLD MODEL ECOSPORTTitanium115 (A4)1.5TDCi (95ps-5 Speed)26,535
NEW C-MAXZetec (5 Seat)117 (A4)1.0 (100ps-6 Speed)26,705
Zetec (5 Seat)105 (A3)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)27,450
Zetec (5 Seat) Powershift109 (A3)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)30,050
Zetec (5 Seat)114 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)29,650
Zetec (5 Seat) Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)31,250
Titanium (5 Seat)117 (A4)1.0 (125ps-6 Speed)29,655
Titanium (5 Seat)105 (A3)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)29,950
Titanium (5 Seat)105 (A3)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6Speed)30,950
Titanium (5 Seat) Powershift109 (A3)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)32,550
Titanium (5 Seat)114 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)32,150
Titanium (5 Seat) Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)33,750
NEW GRAND C-MAXZetec (7 Seat)119 (A4)1.0 (100ps-6 Speed)29,305
Zetec (7 Seat)113 (A4)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)30,050
Zetec (7 Seat) Powershift119 (A4)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)32,650
Zetec (7 Seat)119 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)32,250
Zetec (7 Seat) Powershift129 (B1)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)33,850
Titanium (7 Seat)119 (A4)1.0 (125ps-6 Speed)32,255
Titanium (7 Seat)113 (A4)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)32,550
Titanium (7 Seat)113 (A4)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6Speed)33,550
Titanium (7 Seat) Powershift119 (A4)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)35,150
Titanium (7 Seat)119 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)34,750
Titanium (7 Seat) Powershift129 (B1)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)36,350
KUGATitanium (Front Wheel Drive)143 (C)1.5 Ecoboost (150ps-6 Speed)38,450
Titanium (Front Wheel Drive)115 (A4)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)34,095
Titanium (Front Wheel Drive) Powershift124 (B1)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)36,095
Titanium (Front Wheel Drive)122 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)36,675
Titanium (4 Wheel Drive)135 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)39,750
Titanium (4 Wheel Drive) Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)41,750
Titanium (4 Wheel Drive)135 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)42,980
Titanium (4 Wheel Drive) Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi Powershift (180ps)44,980
ST-Line (Front Wheel Drive)143 (C)1.5 Ecoboost (150ps-6 Speed)41,250
ST-Line (Front Wheel Drive)115 (A4)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)36,895
ST-Line (Front Wheel Drive) Powershift124 (B1)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)38,895
ST-Line (Front Wheel Drive)122 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)39,475
ST-Line (4 Wheel Drive)135 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)42,550
ST-Line (4 Wheel Drive) Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)44,550
ST-Line (4 Wheel Drive)135 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)45,780
ST-Line (4 Wheel Drive) Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi Powershift (180ps)47,780
Vignale (Front Wheel Drive)143 (C)1.5 Ecoboost (150ps-6 Speed)45,160
Vignale (Front Wheel Drive)122 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)43,085
Vignale (4 Wheel Drive)135 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)46,160
Vignale Powershift (4 Wheel Drive)134 (B2)2.0 TDCi Powershift (150ps)48,160
Vignale (4 Wheel Drive)135 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)49,330
Vignale Powershift (4 Wheel Drive)134 (B2)2.0 TDCi Powershift (180ps)51,390
S-MAXTitanium Ecoboost149 (C)1.5 (160ps-6 Speed)39,985
Titanium129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)42,535
Titanium AWD139 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)45,735
Titanium Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)44,635
Titanium129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)45,085
Titanium Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)47,185
Titanium Powershift AWD149 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)50,385
Titanium Powershift144 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)49,735
ST-Line Ecoboost149 (C)1.5 (160ps-6 Speed)41,765
ST-Line129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)44,315
ST-Line AWD139 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)47,515
ST-Line Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)46,415
ST-Line129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)46,865
ST-Line Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)48,965
ST-Line Powershift AWD149 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)52,165
ST-Line Powershift144 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)51,515
Vignale129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)50,385
Vignale AWD139 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)53,585
Vignale Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)52,485
Vignale129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)52,935
Vignale Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)55,035
Vignale Powershift AWD149 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)58,235
Vignale Powershift144 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)57,585
GALAXYTitanium149 (C)1.5 (160ps-6 Speed)43,585
Titanium129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)46,135
Titanium AWD139 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)49,335
Titanium Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)48,235
Titanium129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)48,685
Titanium Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)50,785
Titanium Powershift AWD149 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)53,985
Titanium Powershift147 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)53,335
MONDEOZetec 5Dr104 (A3)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)29,545
Zetec 5Dr109 (A3)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)32,395
Zetec 5Dr AWD124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)35,595
Zetec 5Dr Powershift120 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)34,495
Zetec 5Dr115 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)34,945
Zetec 5Dr Powershift120 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)37,045
Zetec Estate107 (A3)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)30,745
Zetec Estate112 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)33,595
Zetec Estate AWD127 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)36,795
Zetec Estate Powershift123 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)35,695
Zetec Estate117 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)36,145
Zetec Estate Powershift123 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)38,245
Titanium 5Dr Ecoboost134 (B2)1.5 (160ps-6 Speed)33,120
Titanium 5Dr104 (A3)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)32,145
Titanium 5Dr109 (A3)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)34,995
Titanium 5Dr AWD124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)38,195
Titanium 5Dr Powershift120 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)37,095
Titanium 5Dr115 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)37,545
Titanium 5Dr Powershift120 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)39,645
Titanium 5Dr Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)42,195
Titanium Estate Ecoboost137 (B2)1.5 (160ps-6 Speed)34,320
Titanium Estate107 (A3)1.5 TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)33,345
Titanium Estate112 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)36,195
Titanium Estate AWD127 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)39,395
Titanium Estate Powershift123 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)38,295
Titanium Estate117 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)38,745
Titanium Estate Powershift123 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)40,845
Titanium Estate Powershift129 (B1)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)43,395
ST-Line + 5Dr112 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)37,895
ST-Line + 5Dr AWD127 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)41,095
ST-Line + 5Dr Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)39,995
ST-Line + 5Dr117 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)40,445
ST-Line + 5Dr Powershift AWD138 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)45,745
ST-Line + 5Dr Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)42,545
ST-Line + 5Dr Powershift130 (B1)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)45,095
ST-Line + Estate119 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)39,095
ST-Line + Estate AWD131 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)42,295
ST-Line + Estate Powershift126 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)41,195
ST-Line + Estate119 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)41,645
ST-Line + Estate Powershift AWD141 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)46,945
ST-Line + Estate Powershift126 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)43,745
ST-Line + Estate Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)46,295
Vignale 5Dr112 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)42,130
Vignale 5Dr AWD127 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)45,330
Vignale 5Dr Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)44,230
Vignale 5Dr117 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)44,680
Vignale 5Dr Powershift124 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)46,780
Vignale 5Dr Powershift AWD138 (B2)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)49,980
Vignale 5Dr Powershift130 (B1)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)49,330
Vignale Estate115 (A4)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)43,330
Vignale Estate AWD131 (B2)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)46,530
Vignale Estate Powershift126 (B1)2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)45,430
Vignale Estate119 (A4)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)45,880
Vignale Estate Powershift126 (B1)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)47,980
Vignale Estate Powershift AWD141 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)51,180
Vignale Estate Powershift134 (B2)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)50,530
EDGETitanium AWD149 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)48,695
Titanium Powershift AWD149 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)53,345
ST-Line AWD152 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)51,125
ST-Line Powershift AWD152 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)55,775
Vignale AWD152 (C)2.0 TDCi (180ps-6 Speed)56,545
Viignale Powershift AWD152 (C)2.0 TDCi (210ps-6 Speed)61,195
Prices displayed include VAT, delivery and related charges but do not include metallic/premium paints or Upgrade Packs.

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Very professional throughout. Initial consultation at outset very comprehensive. Service completed efficiently. Post service collection/payment also handled professionally. Staff at all stages very friendly & helpful

Mr T Sheehan, Limerick

Cavanaghs as always deliver an excellent service when you are purchasing and servicing your vehicles – they are a pleasure to deal with

Mr J Sullivan, Limerick

The team is always very friendly and professional

Mrs K Tobin, Limerick

Everything from my first visit was first class and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Cavanaghs to anyone.

Mr P Foley, Tralee


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