Ford New Car Price List 2019

Ford 2016 Price List

Ford New Car Price List 2019

The following Ford New Car Price List for 2019 gives details of published retail prices for the Ford range of cars available from Cavanaghs of Charleville Ltd. The prices shown below include delivery and related charged but do not include the cost of metallic paint or any upgrade packs. The prices are correct as at post date but are subject to price increases or decreases during the year (depending on promotional offers) which may not all be published on the website. Please check with our Sales Department or via Online Chat for final confirmation of price or lo-call  us on 1800 500 300.

MODELVariantCO2 & Tax BandEngine (PS)List Price €Pack Price €
KA PLUSStudio 5Dr117 (A4)1.2 (85ps)14420
Zetec 5Dr114 (A4)1.2 (85ps)15700260
White Edition 5Dr114 (A4)1.2 (85ps)16050260
Black Edition 5Dr114 (A4)1.2 (85ps)16660260
Active 5Dr129 (B1)1.2 (85ps)17420
NEW MODEL FIESTAZetec 3Dr115 (A4)1.1 (85ps-5 Speed)16710
Zetec 5Dr114 (A4)1.1 (85ps-5 Speed)17295820
Zetec 5Dr96 (A2)1.5 TDCi (85ps-6 Speed)19300820
Titanium 5Dr110 (A3)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)19300665
Titanium 5Dr Powershift125 (B1)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)20485665
Titanium 5Dr114 (A4)1.1 (85ps-5 Speed)18210665
Titanium 5Dr96 (A2)1.5 TDCi (85ps-6 Speed)20225665
Active 5Dr113 (A4)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)20460600
ST-Line 3Dr108 (A3)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)19720600
ST-Line 5Dr111 (A3)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)20285600
ST-Line 5Dr119 (A4)1.1 (85ps-5 Speed)19215600
ST2 3Dr136 (B2)1.5T Ecoboost (200ps-6 Speed)28750355
ST3 5Dr136 (B2)1.5T Ecoboost (200ps-6 Speed)2933575
Vignale 5Dr Powershift127 (B1)1.0T Ecoboost (100ps)24020 300
ECOSPORT NEW MODELTitanium119 (A4)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps-6 Speed)24275295
Titanium Powershift140 (B2)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps)27110295
Titanium110 (A3)1.5TDCi (100ps-6 Speed)25505295
ST-Line119 (A4)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps-6 Speed)25275225
ST-Line Powershift140 (B2)1.0T EcoBoost (125ps)28105225
ST-Line110 (A3)1.5TDCi (100ps-6 Speed)26505225
Zetec (5 Seat)127 (B1)1.0 Ecoboost (100ps-6 Speed)25120420
Zetec (5 Seat)125 (B1)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)26205420
Titanium (5 Seat)131 (B2)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)284402075
Titanium (5 Seat)126 (B1)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)291152075
Titanium (5 Seat) Powershift132 (B2)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)316502075
NEW GRAND C-MAXZetec (7 Seat)133 (B2)1.0 Ecosboost (100ps-6 Speed)27025825
Zetec (7 Seat)128 (B1)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)28150825
Titanium (7 Seat)136 (B2)1.0 Ecoboost (125ps-6 Speed)306401825
Titanium (7 Seat) 129 (B1)1.5 TDCi (95ps-6 Speed)313151825
Titanium (7 Seat) Powershift145 (C)1.5 TDCi Powershift (120ps)337001825
MONDEOZetec 5Dr18%2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)305651360
Zetec 5Dr Powershift19%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)327751360
Zetec Estate18%2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)317351360
Zetec Estate Powershift19%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)339401360
Titanium 5Dr19%2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)329701085
Titanium 5Dr Powershift20%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)351751085
Titanium Estate19%2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)341351085
Titanium Estate Powershift20%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)363401085
Titanium 4Dr Hybrid Powershift16%2.0 HEV (187ps)365451085
Titanium Est Hybrid Powershift16%2.0 HEV (187ps)377151085
ST-Line+ 5Dr19%2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)34255480
ST-Line+ 5Dr Powershift20%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)36440480
ST-Line+ Estate19%2.0 TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)35425150
ST-Line+ Estate Powershift20%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)37610150
Vignale 4Dr Hybrid Automatic16%2.0 HEV (187ps)41655150
Vignale 5Dr Powershift20%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)39985150
Vignale Estate Hybrid Powershift17%2 HEV (187ps)42795150
Vignale Estate Powershift20%2.0 TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)41155150
S-MAXTitanium132 (B2)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)382901300
Titanium Powershift139 (B2)2.0TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)404051300
ST-Line137 (B2)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)397851300
Vignale137 (B2)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)48090110
GALAXYTitanium133 (B2)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)408151230
Titanium Automatic140 (B2)2.0TDCi (150ps-8 Speed)429351230
EDGEST-Line AWD151 (C)2.0TDCi (190ps-6 Speed)58320
ST-Line AWD Automatic172 (E)2.0TDCi (240ps-8 Speed)64770
Vignale AWD Automatic172 (E)2.0TDCi (240ps-8 Speed)72120
NEW MODEL FOCUSZetec 5Dr107 (A3)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)232650
Zetec 5Dr93 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)254650
Zetec 5Dr Powershift110 (A4)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)274850
Zetec Estate108 (A3)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)243350
Zetec Estate97 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)265400
Zetec Estate Powershift116 (A4)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)285300
ST-Line 5Dr107 (A3)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)24275100
ST-Line 5Dr93 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)26480100
ST-Line 5Dr Powershift110 (A3)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)28495100
ST-Line Estate108 (A3)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)25345100
ST-Line Estate97 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)27550100
ST-Line Estate Powershift116 (A4)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)29530100
Titanium 5Dr 107 (A3)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)25265100
Titanium 5Dr93 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)27470100
Titanium 5Dr Powershift110 (A4)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)29485100
Titanium Estate108 (A3)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)26335100
Titanium Estate97 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)28540100
Titanium Estate Powershift116 (A4)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)30525100
Vignale 5Dr114 (A4)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)292750
Vignale 5Dr99 (A2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)315150
Vignale 5Dr Powershift115 (A4)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)334850
Vignale Estate114 (A4)1.0T (125ps-6 Speed)303450
Vignale Estate103 (A3)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)325500
Vignale Estate Powershift123 (B1)1.5TDCi (120ps-8 Speed)345150
KUGATitanium 2WD137 (B2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)296000
Titanium 2WD154 [C]2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)342150
Titanium 4WD164 (D)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)369350
Titanium Powershift 4WD161 (D)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)388800
ST-Line 2WD137 (B2)1.5TDCi (120ps-6 Speed)311351750
ST-Line 2WD151 [C]2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)356101750
ST-Line 4WD164 (D)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)382551750
ST-Line Powershift 4WD161 (D)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)402001750
Vignale 2WD151 [C]2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)387500
Vignale 4WD164 (D)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)413850
Vignale Powershift 4WD161 (D)2.0TDCi (150ps-6 Speed)433300
Prices displayed include VAT, delivery and related charges but do not include metallic/premium paints. The Price of Optional Upgrade Packs are shown separately.

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Very professional throughout. Initial consultation at outset very comprehensive. Service completed efficiently. Post service collection/payment also handled professionally. Staff at all stages very friendly & helpful

Mr T Sheehan, Limerick

Cavanaghs as always deliver an excellent service when you are purchasing and servicing your vehicles – they are a pleasure to deal with

Mr J Sullivan, Limerick

The team is always very friendly and professional

Mrs K Tobin, Limerick

Everything from my first visit was first class and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Cavanaghs to anyone.

Mr P Foley, Tralee


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